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Robin Wilson, Open University


Robin Wilson is Professor of Pure Mathematics at the Open University, a Fellow in Mathematics at Keble College, Oxford, and Emeritus Professor of Geometry at Gresham College, London (the oldest mathematical Chair in England). He has written and edited over thirty books, ranging from graph theory and the history of mathematics, to sudoku, philately, the Gilbert & Sullivan operas, and the mathematical activities of Lewis Carroll. As a former Chair of the European Mathematical Society's Committee on Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics he is enthusiastic about communicating mathematics to the general public. 


For the past forty years I have attempted to communicate mathematics to a wide range of audiences — through teaching at the Open University and elsewhere, public lectures, books, articles, television, and other means. This illustrated lecture explores these in the context of the wide range of ways in which mathematics has been communicated over the past 4000 years.