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Jackie Ashton and Graham Griffiths The SfLIP side of numeracy
Javier Díez-Palomar and Silvia Molina Roldán Family mathematics education: building dialogic spaces for adults learning mathematics
Graham Griffiths, David Kaye and Ruth Moulton Aggregate, investigate, and organise: the process of mathematical investigation and teachers of adult numeracy
Kees Hoogland Beyond word problems
Christopher M. Klinger Adult innumeracy and the influence of negative mathematics attitudes, low self-efficacy beliefs, and mathematics anxiety in student primary teachers – an interventionist approach for better practice
Christopher M. Klinger Behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism, or connectivism? Tackling mathematics anxiety with ‘isms’ for a digital age
Christopher M. Klinger and Graham Griffiths with paper by Milton Fuller Mathematics in community service: developing pathways to build mathematical confidence for good citizenship
Juergen Maasz Bet and lose: learning mathematics or losing money
Barbara Miller-Reilly  Experiences of educationally disadvantaged adults learning mathematics
Ruth Moulton and Jackie Ashton Sharing learners' personal mathematics knowledge
Helen Oughton “We all play teacher”: naturally-occurring student discourse as data in adult numeracy classrooms
Rachel Stone “I, robot” free will and the role of the maths teacher - who decides how we teach?
Keiko Yasukawa Educating activist adult numeracy teachers?

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