Six Adult Mathematical Workers on Literacy, Numeracy, and Technoracy for Life

Mônica Mesquita and Sal Restivo with Jorge Marques, Trindade Damasio, Margarida Matias, Isaura Matos, Conceição Pires, Mª São José Madeira, Fernanda Marques, Paulo Santos

D.A.R. à Costa – Tr@nsFormArte

Costa da Caparica, Portugal

This is an opportunity for some members of a government sponsored community that recognizes and validates life experiences as a basis for earning the secondary certificate to share their ideas about mathematics and the world. This presentation includes six essays developed in the context of this community that explore the process of adults learning mathematics. These essays reveal the product of a frerian educational approach and some thoughts socially constructed in interaction with volunteer educators from different parts of the world and with different experiences and backgrounds. The main objective of this paper is open a way to bringing voices of the adults learning mathematics through our mutual efforts.