What our Members Say

Some views from our current members

How does ALM support you personally as a researcher/practitioner?

‘It means that I can meet people who are involved in various practices around Adults Maths Ed / Adult Numeracy … – teaching at various levels (basic, workplace, citizenship, Higher Education), research (same), and those concerned with policy issues – and I can learn from them all’. (UK)

‘As a researcher, ALM has offered me a generous and welcoming international group of people who share my interests in this field. It has enabled me to meet people I would otherwise not have met, in the formal presentations as well as the social gatherings. Many of these people have become lifelong friends — very important when you are one of the few in your country doing workplace research in workplace maths/numeracy, and when you adopt a stance that is critical of government policy most of the time’. (Australia)

‘The two main points are dialogue and literature. I found friendly colleagues working on similar questions that was ready and willing to exchange ideas, arguments and results’. (Austria)

How does ALM support you personally as a Student?

 ‘It is valuable to meet people who are more experienced at working in your discipline / practice / activity: you will be able to learn much, and to become more aware of what are accepted positions on some issues, and where the dilemmas and controversies lie.’ ( UK)

ALM is a community that embraces the novice and veteran with parity of  esteem. It provides a sense of belonging to something really important that includes the pioneers in the field of Adults Learning Mathematics. One can  ‘rub shoulders’ with the World’s leading authorities,  converse with ‘the’ authors, and present to an informed and critical audience, but in a context that is supportive, constructive and safe.(Ireland)