Adults Learning Mathematics

ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners
in adult mathematics/numeracy teaching and learning
in order to promote the learning of mathematics by adults.


London, UK,  July 9th - July 12th 2018

The focus of this three day conference was on several international themes in mathematics and numeracy education for  adults.
Presentations can be found under the tab ALM25
The Institue of Education, University College London, United Kingdom,  is proud to had been hosting this event.

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Lund, Sweden, July 7th - July 10th, 2019

The focus of this three day conference will be on several international themes in mathematics and numeracy education for  adults.

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The 25th Year Celebratory Volume - Now available to download of ALM

ALM’s aims to promote the advancement of education by supporting the establishment and development of an international research forum for adult mathematics and numeracy by:

  • Encouraging research into adults learning mathematics at all levels and disseminating the results of this research for the public benefit.
  • Promoting and sharing knowledge, awareness and understanding of adults learning mathematics at all levels, to encourage the development of the teaching of mathematics to adults at all levels, for the public benefit.


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  • In December 2018, the first decade of the Brazilian Federal Institutes is celebrated, in commemoration the 2018 RIPEM special issue targets research addressing the role of Mathematics Education in and for the World of Work.
    The International Journal for Research in Mathematics Education – RIPEM is a peer-reviewed electronic journal published by SBEM – Brazilian Society for Mathematics Education. The thematic issue editors are Lauro Chagas e Sá, from Federal Institute of Espírito Santo (BR), and Ana Lucia Braz Dias, from Central Michigan University (US).
    Manuscript submissions are due September 30, 2018. Proposed articles should be submitted to the journal page:      


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