The ALM bulletin is a bimonthly newsletter from Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM).
ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners in adult mathematics/numeracy teaching and learning in order to promote the learning of mathematics by adults.

ALM International Journal - Special Issue

A special edition of the ALM International Journal is now published in which we publish the peer reviewed versions of papers that were presented at the ALM23 conference held in 2016 in Maynooth, Republic of Ireland. Open access ! ==> read more

ALM cycle of activities

I would like to use this opportunity to tell something of the cycle of activities that guide the ALM year. We see ourselves as a supportive community, but with very busy people living around the world. An important focus of our work is our annual international conference. Here we can re-engage with long-serving members, welcome new members and encourage participants to join.
So, the cycle starts with the annual Conference, which is held at the end of June or in July. The most recent was held in Rotterdam in the Netherlands (see all conferences) and next year in London UK will be our 25th conference. At that conference an announcement is made of the dates and place for the following conference. The organisation of the conference is taken on by a local team, overseen by the Trustees. Usually some members of that team focus on the practical arrangements, such as accommodation, meals and social events and others develop the academic programme such as choosing plenary speakers and organising the submission of papers for the parallel sessions. This preparatory work takes place at this time of year and you can expect to be asked to submit an abstract for a paper early in the New Year. Detailed organisation of the programme continues and booking for the conference takes place March to May.
At the same time, a second cycle takes place to publish the papers arising from the Conference which has just been held. Immediately after the Conference we make as many presentations as possible available on the website. All presenters are asked to submit a paper, with a deadline around October or November. You have a choice whether your paper will be peer reviewed. If a paper is successfully reviewed it is published in a Special Issue of the ALM International Journal; all papers submitted (including reviewed papers) are published in the Conference Proceedings. We would like to complete this process within a year, but it sometimes takes a little longer. The International Journal is the responsibility of the Chief Editor assisted by an editorial team or guest editors and the Conference Proceedings are the responsibility of the conference organisers.
Thank you for being a member of ALM (or for joining if you are not – yet)
David Kaye, Chair ALM

ALM Treasurer report

The finances of ALM are in a better shape than they have been for some years. At the beginning of June 2017, ALM had assets of £19,188.33. This has risen year by year since a low point in 2013 of £14,948.90.
In recent years, we have introduced better systems for keeping updated with members and the costing of conferences. We are now better able to support new and existing members with attending conferences through a bursary system and have reserve funds for emergency issues.
The current treasurer – Graham Griffiths – will come to the end of his maximum, five year, term at the next AGM and will need replacing. Any members interested in taking over the role should contact the chair.

Being a member of ALM - A personal perspective

Being a member of ALM is about more than belonging to an organisation. It is a statement of personal and professional commitment to the importance of Adults Learning Mathematics. That a person may have designated themselves a 'non-maths person', perhaps due to a negative experience in their school days, presents them with seemingly insurmountable obstacles in encounter with a mathematics containing situation. This self-perception, often mistaken, can constrain their life choices and may be passed on within their families and across generations.
Yet, they live and thrive in a mathematics-saturated world, typically accounting for their actions and behaviour as ’just common sense’. That a person can deny their capacity for mathematics while behaving in numerate ways is a paradox that has implications for social justice. For more on what being a member of ALM means for John Keogh. ==> read more

ALM25: looking forward

ALM is celebrating in 2018 the fifth lustrum conference at the Institute of Education, UCL, London, UK, 9th - 12th July, 2018
The planning team is Diane Dalby, Jeff Evans, Graham Griffiths, David Kaye, Linda Jarlskog (ALM26 observer) David Kaye, Beth Kelly (Chair), Joan O’Hagan, Helen Oughton and Jenny Stacey. Watch out for news and developments on the ALM25 Conference. ==> read more

Hamburg Numeracy Project

Alltagsmathematik als Teil der Grundbildung Erwachsener
This project, directed by Dr. Anke Grotlüschen, Professor for Lifelong Learning at University of Hamburg, has recently been funded by the State of Hamburg, with a budget of around €1.75 million. The project will make use of a range of methods and data to investigate adults’ everyday competences and practices, from TIMSS and PIAAC to an UNESCO study in West Africa. It will focus on at-risk groups: refugees and asylum-seekers, disabled and indebted people. Two other Universities in Hamburg, and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning are project partners. The project held a seminar on 25 September, with Professor Vince Geiger (Australian Catholic University) speaking on the Review of the PIAAC Numeracy Framework and Dr. Jeff Evans on “Literate and Numerate Environments”. It is in the process of advertising a number of new posts. ==> read more
(contributed by Jeff Evans)


EPALE is the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe. Their website gives also interesting information on numeracy and Adult Learning. See for instance this blog or these Numeracy and Mathematics Resources

BCME9 in Warwick, UK

The next British Congress of Mathematics education (BCME) will be held from 3rd to 6th of April 2018 in Warwick. At this conference there will be for the first time a series of linked presentations which will focus on adult mathematics education. The draft programme is available on the BCME website. ==> read more

Adult Mathematics Education at CERME11 (Feb. 2019, The Netherlands)

The 11th conference on European Research in Mathematics Education will be held 5 - 11 February 2019 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In this conference a thematic working group is scheduled on Adult Mathematics Education, which gives researcher on adults learning mathematics the opportunity to present their research and exchange ideas and good practices from all around the world. ==> read more

Join ALM

The ALM network is alive and active as never before with delegations at ICME13, BCME9, and CERME11. We invite you to join us in ALM to be part of these activities. See the website to join directly or contact your regional representative. ==> read more

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